What is Accessibility?

Accessibility deals with making electronic information usable by anyone, regardless of disability. People with disabilities often have to use special tools to be able to access information online.

Why should I care?

Here are a list of reasons you should make your site accessible.

It is the right thing to do.
Accessibility represents an important step toward independence for individuals with disabilities. Accessible web sites allow people with disabilities access to fundamental government and commercial services and information. Accessible web pages also make possible a broader range of employment and educational opportunities by providing added means of communication. In addition, accessibility allows users with disabilities to participate in day-to-day activities many non-disabled people take for granted, such as reading a newspaper online or shopping for a present for a friend.

It’s the Law in many Areas.

New Legal Requirements in the United States, Canada, and the European Union mandate accessibility. For example, Section 508 in the United States requires that websites and other information technology used by the government be accessible.

Opens up new markets

By having an accessible website you open up your business to reach new customers and new markets. There are currently over 56 Million people in the United States with some form of disability. Companies that embrace accessibility have a market advantage over their competitors that do not.

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