Associate Program

Butler New Media Launches First of Its Kind Associate Program With Same Day Pay:
As an award winning web  development and internet marketing firm, Butler New Media
(BNM) has had the opportunity to work with both major corporations and small
businesses worldwide.
We are looking to do  some major expansion and are currently looking for go getters
who want to help us grow and have a desire to make a lot of money easily and quickly.
Only serious people need to apply.

Introducing the Butler New Media Associates Program:

Here’s the Deal:
For 2013 we have a goal to generate a minimum of $800,000 in revenue and a select few
can have the opportunity to share in our profits.
We offer the following services:
– Web Design/Development
– Graphic Design
– Internet Marketing (including Search Engine Optimization Services and Pay Per Click
 Campaign Management)

What We Need and What Associates Will Be Doing?

We are looking to form an elite commission based team of individuals who will contact
 business owners nationwide and get them interested in utilizing our services. We
will provide associates with everything they need to know how to promote us.
This  is literally one of easiest jobs any one will ever have to do because all an
associate  must do is to get the business owner interested in having a no-obligation
phone consultation with a member our or  closing team.  We  close the client and the
associate gets paid the same day.

Commission Rate:

The commission rate is 40 percent with the opportunity for bonuses and other

How Much Can An Associate Possibly Make Per Sale?

Our goal is to take on projects that are at least $1,500 or more. In some cases to
serve very small businesses we will take on projects that are $500+. Potential
commissions would be $200-$600+ per sale.

Full List of Benefits of Being an Associate:

Same Day Pay: Sales associates get paid the same day that payments  are made to us
from  clients that you refer. Payments are made via Paypal.
Life Time Commissions: Once a client is with us,  anytime they
utilize us or our services you get paid.
Residual Income: Some clients will require ongoing  monthly
assistance, you will receive payments for this.
Performance Bonuses: Associates will  receive bonuses for hitting certain goals.
Profit Sharing: As certain goals are met there will be
opportunities for the group to share in the revenues for  a given
month. This is our way of sharing the wealth.
Please contact us by filling out the form below if you are interested in applying or have any questions.

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