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Many web developers, marketing professionals, IT consultants and other business advisors find themselves trying to deliver quality software and web applications to their clients without the needed skills and experience. Many more firms find that either their current staff is always overloaded and behind the curve, or the size of their staff grows too big and is too expensive to maintain during slow economic times.

Butler New Media offers a new business style to these firms, offering affordable labor sources that can work behind the scenes. By outsourcing the actual production aspects of their services to Butler New Media, companies can aggressively grow their business through better client service and expanded production capacity.

Our project management methodology is optimized to work behind the scenes through resellers in highly efficient and effective ways. That combined with our lower operating costs and high skilled staff allows us to bill our services at a rate that is less than your firm could save in-house, and far less than other consulting firms you might sub-contract.

Resellers who form a Strategic Alliance with Butler New Media benefit in many ways:

Leverage your existing client base by offering all of Butler New Media’s web and application development services, instead of sending them to other vendors for those services.

Butler New Media’s management works closely with you to assist with create a custom package of services for your client base. We also share our vast knowledge to help your firm really understand the why making websites and web applications accessible not only benefits your clients but others as well.

Strategic Alliance members get priority access to Butler New Media’s rates and talent.

Benefit from the use of Butler New Media’s project management systems, and client management tools that increase production and efficiency.

Scale your firm’s capacity to handle projects and avoid costly in-house staffing mistakes.

Butler New Media can work completely behind the scenes or as a co-branded partner with your firm under our Strategic Alliance program.

For more information on enrolling in Butler New Media’s Strategic Alliance program, please contact us and we would be happy to send you details.

Graphic Design Professionals 

Butler New Media works with many graphic artists and design firms throughout the United States and the caribbean that resell our web development services or contract with us to develop the back-end systems of sites they have designed. We have our own team of very talented graphic artists and designers that can handle projects from start to finish. Or, if you prefer to create the look and feel and graphic elements completely, you can rely on our programmers to code the back end of the site for you. With experience coding sophisticated sites, there is no project too complex. If you’re creative brain can dream it, Butler New Media’s team can help you make it a reality.

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Advertising Agencies 

Companies have depended on you for years to help them craft and maintain consistent marketing messages and branding strategies, so its only natural that they now turn to you to advise them as they either take their business online for the first time or take their online presence to the next level. And while crafting the message is something your firm is very good at, doing the actual design and programming work would require an entirely new division. Stick with what you do best, and depend on Butler New Media to back you up.

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Web Development Firms

The name of the game is high quality and high volume. But in today’s labor market, for you to maintain an in-house staff that can meet both of those goals also means big bucks and high overhead. Why not focus on helping your clients develop the vision for their project, and outsource the actual construction to Butler New Media? You have access to our entire staff… teams with all of the cutting edge skills. And, you can scale your staff up or down as sales warrant. There is simply not a more profitable way for you to operate your web development business… use the money you save from paying $75,000 a year programmer salaries to pay commission bonuses to all your new sales people (and maybe buy yourself a a new car!).

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Web Hosting & Internet Service Providers.  

How much more profit could you obtain from your existing client base if you could assist them with the actual construction of their site, not just hosting it? I do not have a staff, time, or patience you say? Don’t want to lose focus? No problem: you can be in the development business immediately. either private label or co-brand with Butler New Media and we can handle everything. All you need to do is promote your new design and development offerings, and we’ll handle the client interaction and project management for you. No project is too big or too small, from simple redesigns to enterprise development services.

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Corporate clients have relied on you for years to provide them with expert guidance and management of their IT infrastructure. But Application Development is one of the hottest new areas of IT Consulting, and your company may not have the programming staff to meet the challenge. Using Butler New Media as your backend development team, you can maintain the highest possible profit margin as you promote and expand your business.

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