Not all disagreements are resolvable.

Landlords must specifically include a provision in the lease directing the tenant to the website maintained by the Department of Justice, The state of California requires landlords and tenants to have insights on the law provisions and their rights and responsibilities. It is vital to hand an understanding of legal matters surrounding an agreement for smooth tenancy and dealing with issues efficiently without the help of a lawyer. The California Rental Lease Agreements are written documents used for creating a binding agreement in which a tenant agrees to pay rent in exchange for living or working in a rental property (free california lease agreement template download). PRIVATE FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE AGREEMENT EUROS ( EUR) FOR US DOLLARS ($ USD) Bank to Bank SWIFT MT103 This private foreign exchange transaction agreement and the three (3) attached Annexes are entered 5 The laws of some countries require that contracts, to be valid, shall be signed in front of witnesses or a public notary. Therefore, before signing a contract you should be informed about the requirements that may exist in each country. Place and date of signature Usually contracts are signed by both Parties on the same date and place international sales representative agreement template. Visitation forms in settlement sample for car accident case or contractor release and the your life. Entered into a sample payment will need an unconditional settlement agreement. Records department of a settlement sample for accident settlement document in word format to consult an activity in the following the claim? Question should consider signing a marriage is completely dry kind of the damage may need for why this release, actions in agreement sample settlement letter accompanies my insurance. Want to notify law, actions will be stuck with state the settlement agreement sample for accident is legal issue a medical attention of (view). If a designer does not present a client with the expected payment terms before a contract agreement is signed, the client will be in the dark as to when it is right (or wrong) to pay for services rendered and believe he or she can pay whenever. In a nutshell, what a client must expect to see in any well-detailed contract agreement is an established working arrangement with an interior designer who has been employed to transform an interior space with new or upgraded interior features. The interior designer retains the ownership of the interior design concept, copyrights, sketches, plans and 3D drawings, samples, swatches, intellectual property, patents, and any other materials prepared for the project. We offer the tenancy agreement for free as an introduction to our services. As part of the process of creating the agreement, you have the option to purchase a credit check on your tenants. This is completely optional and you can create a free tenancy agreement without getting a credit check. You should list anyone who lives in your rental property, including tenants and occupants, in your Residential Lease Agreement. Although occupants don’t share the same legal obligations as tenants, they typically need to be listed on the lease to be eligible for protection under state tenancy laws. However, an occupant’s legal rights can vary depending on your jurisdiction, so it’s important to check your local tenancy laws for clarification Bring your own device (BYOD) programs call for three critical components: a software application for managing the devices connecting to the network, a written policy outlining the responsibilities of both the employer and the users, and an agreement users must sign, acknowledging that they have read and understand the policy. Company XYZ grants its employees the privilege of purchasing and using smartphones and tablets of their choosing at work for their convenience. Company XYZ reserves the right to revoke this privilege if users do not abide by the policies and procedures outlined below. Below is a sample BYOD policy template that organizations can adapt to suit their needs (include additional details where it makes sense) Then I was told I still need to pay termination fees – for services I will not receive. a. Term. Except for those provisions which by their nature survive the termination of this Agreement, this Agreement will be in effect from the time that the Service(s) are activated until (1) it is terminated as provided for by this Agreement or by any addendum to this Agreement or (2) it is replaced by a revised Agreement. If you self-install Xfinity Equipment, Service(s) charges begin the earliest of (1) the day on which you picked up Xfinity Equipment at our service center, (2) the day you install the Service(s), (3) the day your order for the Service(s) is entered into our billing system if Xfinity Equipment is not required for the Service(s) or (4) five (5) days after the date we ship the Xfinity Equipment to you (xfinity early termination agreement). Like other common law doctrines, conflict-of-law rules vary from state to state. Most states will not enforce a choice-of-law provision that would violate the public policy of a state with a materially greater interest in the dispute or where the parties do not have a substantial relationship with the chosen state. In other words, a California employer cannot get around Californias prohibition against employee restrictive covenants by requiring his California employee to sign an agreement that includes a Nevada choice-of-law clause. If youre leaving a job and you have a non-compete, the best thing to do is get advice from an employment attorney before you leave. Agreement between seller and agent regarding estate agent commission born , tel: (h) and (cell) married (hereinafter referred to as the seller “) and from (hereinafter referred to as the agent) recordals the parties record that: the seller is the… Agent split commission and business agreement this form is to be used by berkshire hathaway homeservices florida network realty agents only. contact relocation or your manager concerning agreements with outside brokers. this agreement is between… A broker is the procuring cause of a transaction if he or she can show that they initiated an unbroken chain of events that resulted in the deal between the buyer and the seller.

After talks broke down, rumours leaked that the NHLPA planned on filing a “disclaimer of interest” (a quicker, less formal way to dissolve the player’s union, compared with decertification)[33] and, with collective bargaining no longer in effect, pursuing an antitrust lawsuit against the NHL. The NHL responded on December 14 by filing a class action suit with the U.S. District Court in New York seeking to establish that its lockout was legal. Included in the lawsuit was a request for all existing player contracts to be “void and unenforceable”, should the NHLPA be dissolved, resulting in all NHL players becoming free agents.[34] The league also filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board, stating that the union had been negotiating in bad faith and that its threat to disclaim interest was a negotiating ploy that violated the collective bargaining process.[35][36] In a vote conducted from December 17 to 21, the players authorized the union’s executive board to file a disclaimer of interest, up until January 2, 2013, though it did not proceed with the filing.[37] On December 20, the league cancelled all games up to January 14, 2013.[4] What’s changed: The previous agreement was for seven years. Free trade allows for the unrestricted import and export of goods and services between two or more countries. Trade agreements are forged to lower or eliminate tariffs on imports or quotas on exports. These help participating countries trade competitively. (a) maintained if the circumstances or objectives giving rise to their adoption no longer exist or if the changed circumstances or objectives can be addressed in a reasonably available less trade-restrictive manner; Each Member shall establish and/or maintain a national committee on trade facilitation or designate an existing mechanism to facilitate both domestic coordination and implementation of the provisions of this Agreement. 3.1 Each Member shall, within its available resources, establish or maintain one or more enquiry points to answer reasonable enquiries of governments, traders, and other interested parties on matters covered by paragraph 1.1 and to provide the required forms and documents referred to in subparagraph 1.1(a) Changes to the agreement include requiring residents to have homeowners insurance that will cover the property and changes to how property can be transferred to residents heirs. . Advertising Brochures Flyers Letters Brochure Rossmore Leisure World hand illustrated 1963.pdf Brochure on Seal Beach for buyers packet revised 1985-01-01.pdf Early 1960s postcard used for sales package.jpg Early 1960s postcard used for sales package_001.jpg Letter regarding the newly established Resales Department.pdf Sales letter for Leisure World units in 1982-01-00.pdf Agreement Rossmoor Corp selling Mutual 15 to the Golden Rain Fdn 1964-10-26 not signed.pdf Anchor Publications versus Golden Rain Fdn Case 551031 O C Superior Court lawsuit.pdf Anniversary Celebrations of Leisure World 50th Anniversary Program 2012-06-21 and 2012-06-23.pdf Leisure World 40th Anniversary Program 2002-07-22.pdf Twenty-fifth anniversary LW History by Graham McAllister INTERESTING.pdf Twenty-fifth anniversary final rosters and invoices 1967-07-22.pdf Twenty-fifth anniversary response to invitations 1987-06-01 to 1987-07-31.pdf Twenty-fifth anniversary speech by possibly Narang 1987-07-22.pdf Twenty-fifth anniversay Invitation list and Invitation letters 1987-06-01.pdf Twenty-fifth anniversay invitation and program 1987-07-22.pdf Article Reports Studies A retirement Community by Martin Schaller and Robert Johnson 1968-05-00 Washington DC.pdf Internship report on Leisure World by Mary Jean Barratt 1983-05-23 for Urban Studies 494.pdf PLANNING COMMISSION Merva Lanning Mutual One 1969 August and September.pdf RESEARCH CONFERENCE Russell l McKee Unit One 1968-09-19 Long Range Planning.pdf RESIDENT AGE REPORT 2006-03-16 by Mutual no personal data.pdf Article by FRANZ in Sun Newspaper that board is still denying access 2007-05-03.pdf Attorney Laurence Arthur Peters letter to Golden Rain Board 1964-03-25.pdf Barratt Collection Credit reports on Golden Rain and GRF board members by detective FRANK BLENKHORN 1965-04-29 2.pdf Credit reports on Golden Rain and GRF board members by detective FRANK BLENKHORN 1965-04-29.pdf.pdf Golden Rain Foundation MEMO legal fees to date in Franz case 2008-04-18.pdf Golden Rain Memo about shareholder petition for new management perhaps 1964 or 1965.pdf Golden Rain vs Franz declaration of Attorneys Fees by Plantiffs 2008-10-19.pdf Leisure World Loritz and Franz win in court small claims court 2007-07-21.pdf Letter from W A William to Dean Cambell 1967-02-02.pdf President Council exective meeting highly ILLEGAL 2007-07-07 regarding outcome of GRF versus FRANZ case.pdf Small Claims judgement case 05WS00708 for Franz and Loritz 2007-07-10.pdf Trademark Correspondence with Rossmore Corp 1966 through 1987.pdf Biographies and Autobiographies Alice MacKenzi photographs 1985 and 1995.jpg Alice MacKenzi photographs 1985 and 1995_001.jpg Alice MacKenzi photographs 1985 and 1995_002.jpg Alice MacKenzi photographs 1985 and 1995_003.jpg Alice MacKenzie biography folder.pdf Dr Howard Rolfe biography 2001 .pdf Highlights of My Life and th.textClipping Organizations Join efforts to honor Westy Sunday 1996-01-11 .jpg C Richard Kay 1964-1966 Administrator of Golden Rain letters and articles by him.pdf Clippings from Newspapers Cortese daughter Jade ruled out of fortune OC register 1993-09-12.pdf First Woman President Annual Report of Golden Rain Foundation 1988-06-00 Faye Cruse.pdf Golden Rain Meeting Minutes 1966-07-21 thru 1967-07-05.pdf History of Golden Age 1976-03-18 Golden Rain News Page 10 IMG_0353.jpg History of Golden Age 1976-03-18 Golden Rain News Page 4 IMG_0349.jpg History of the land 1964-02-26 National Golden Rain News.pdf Club and Organization Histories and Information AD-HOC COMMITTEE MAP AND DRAWING PROJECT VOLUNTEERS 2005-07-15.pdf Autocad and Volunteer Scanning Ad Hoc committee memos 2005-2006.pdf FAST Scanning On-site scanning 2005-07-05 GRF blueprints scanned .pdf Garden Club history by Florine Housel.pdf Garden club history 1964 2012 prepared by Maria Giegerich Co-President 2011-09-01.pdf Hike and Tour club history by Louise Law.pdf Holy Family Catholic Church .textClipping Regularly Scheduled Events 1.textClipping Contracts other than Management Agreements Agreement between all Mutuals and Golden Rain and Cablevision signed 1968-09-27.pdf Coordinating Committee of 90-9 group 1965 pro-Cortese 1965-10-25 to 1966-01-21.pdf Cost Statement Mutuals 1964-12-31 with billings on second side.pdf DISCUSSION OUTLINE PRESIDENTS COUNCIL MEETING 2006-02-02 on FRANZ case.pdf DISCUSSION OUTLINE PRESIDENTS COUNCIL on FRANZ case page 1.pdf Dean Campbell Correspondence 1964-1966 including Readers Digest.pdf Dean Campbell GRF President 1964 1966.pdf Edition 2000 special from the News Y2K issue with historical interviews 2000-01-06.pdf Ethel Anderson Report 1992-10-24 Medical Plans approved by Golden Rain Fdn.pdf Ethel Anderson transcription of her Oral History Tape est date 1993.pdf Ethel Anderson.jpg Events other than Anniversary Celebrations Expo 2004 Theme New Opportunities 2004-10-16.pdf Flag Raising Ceremony Beverly Manor Mutual 17 1970-07-04.pdf LW Theater Club Radio Live Show 1999 white board display.pdf Leisure World Residents Present the 1964 SCANDALS Program.pdf Leisure World residents present the 1964 SCANDALS.pdf Mark Weaver at Historical Society August 24 NO YEAR.pdf Veterans Memorial Dedication Program 2004-11-11.pdf FHA Letter to Golden Rain regarding Mangement 1964-10-26.pdf FHA forms 3225 Regulatory 3237 Occupancy 3232 Subscription 3245 Bylaws.pdf FHA letter to attorney Williams 1964-05-20 after visit.pdf Fact Finding Committee notes 1964-03-09.pdf Fact Finding Golden Rain Fdn Committee Secretarys Report 1964-01-20.pdf Flyers about the National Golden Rain fdn 1963-07-15.pdf GAF newspaper articles talking about creation of GAF 1976-03-10.pdf GOLDEN RAIN FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS final report 1963 1964 marked up.pdf GOLDEN RAIN FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS final report 1963 1964.pdf GR News Digital Copy posted online 2010 Golden-Rain-News-2010-08-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-08-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-09-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-09-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-09-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-09-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-09-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-10-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-10-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-10-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-10-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-11-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-11-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-11-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-11-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-12-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-12-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-12-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-12-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2010-12-30.pdf 2011 Golden-Rain-News-2011-01-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-01-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-01-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-01-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-02-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-02-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-02-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-02-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-03-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-03-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-03-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-03-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-03-31.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-04-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-04-14.pdf 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Golden-Rain-News-2011-12-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-12-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-12-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-12-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2011-12-29.pdf 2012 Golden-Rain-News-2012-01-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-01-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-01-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-01-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-02-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-02-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-02-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-02-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-03-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-03-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-03-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-03-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-03-29.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-04-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-04-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-04-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-04-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-05-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-05-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-05-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-05-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-05-31.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-06-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-06-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-06-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2012-06-28.pdf 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Golden-Rain-News-2013-02-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-02-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-02-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-03-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-03-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-03-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-03-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-04-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-04-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-04-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-04-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-05-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-05-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-05-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-05-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-05-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-06-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-06-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-06-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-06-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-07-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-07-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-07-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-07-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-08-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-08-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-08-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-08-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-08-29.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-09-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-09-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-09-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-09-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-10-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-10-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-10-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-10-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-10-31.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-11-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-11-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-11-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-11-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-12-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-12-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-12-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2013-12-26.pdf 2014 Golden-Rain-News-2014-01-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-01-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-01-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-01-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-01-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-02-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-02-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-02-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-02-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-03-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-03-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-03-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-03-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-04-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-04-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-04-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-04-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-05-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-05-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-05-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-05-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-05-29.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-06-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-06-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-06-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-06-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-07-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-07-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-07-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-07-31.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-08-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-08-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-08-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-08-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-09-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-09-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-09-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-09-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-10-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-10-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-10-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-10-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-10-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-11-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-11-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-11-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-11-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-12-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-12-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-12-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2014-12-25.pdf 2015 Golden-Rain-News-2015-01-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-01-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-01-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-01-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-01-29.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-02-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-02-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-02-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-02-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-03-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-03-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-03-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-03-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-04-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-04-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-04-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-04-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-04-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-05-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-05-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-05-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-05-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-06-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-06-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-06-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-06-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-07-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-07-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-07-16.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-07-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-07-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-08-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-08-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-08-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-08-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-09-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-09-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-09-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-09-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-10-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-10-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-10-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-10-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-10-29.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-11-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-11-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-11-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-11-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-12-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-12-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-12-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-12-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2015-12-31.pdf 2016 Golden-Rain-News-2016-01-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-01-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-01-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-01-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-02-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-02-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-02-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-02-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-03-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-03-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-03-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-03-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-03-31.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-04-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-04-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-04-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-04-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-05-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-05-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-05-19.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-05-26.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-06-02.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-06-09.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-06-23.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-06-30.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-07-07.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-07-14.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-07-21.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-07-28.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-08-04.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-08-11.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-08-18.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-08-25.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-09-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-09-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-09-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-09-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-09-29.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-10-06.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-10-13.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-10-20.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-10-27.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-11-03.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-11-10.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-11-17.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-11-24.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-12-01.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-12-08.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-12-15.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-12-22.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2016-12-29.pdf 2017 Golden-Rain-News-2017-01-05.pdf Golden-Rain-News-2017-01-12.pdf Golden-Rain-News-LW-Weekly-2017-01-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-01-26.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-02-02.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-02-09.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-02-16.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-02-23.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-03-02.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-03-09.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-03-16.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-03-23.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-03-30.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-04-06.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-04-13.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-04-20.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-04-27.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-05-04.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-05-11.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-05-18.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-05-25.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-06-01.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-06-08.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-06-15.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-06-22.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-06-29.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-07-06.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-07-13.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-07-20.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-07-27.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-08-03.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-08-10.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-08-17.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-08-24.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-08-31.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-09-07.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-09-14.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-09-21.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-09_28.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-10-05.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-10-12.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-10-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-10-26.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-11-02.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-11-09.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-11-16.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-11-23.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-11-30.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-12-07.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-12-14.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-12-21.pdf LW-Weekly-2017-12-28.pdf zMissing 8 Weeks Individual Pages LW-Weekly-2017-04-27-17 2.pdf XXXXX_GR_04-27-17 XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10.pdf XXXXX_GR_11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12.pdf XXXXX_GR_13.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18-19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20-21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22.pdf XXXXX_GR_23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24.pdf XXXXX_GR_25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26-27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28-29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30-31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32.pdf XXXXX_GR_33.pdf XXXXX_GR_34.pdf XXXXX_GR_35.pdf XXXXX_GR_36.pdf XXXXX_GR_05-04-17 XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10-11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18-19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20-21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22.pdf XXXXX_GR_23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24-25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26.pdf XXXXX_GR_27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28-29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30-31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32.pdf XXXXX_GR_33.pdf XXXXX_GR_34.pdf XXXXX_GR_35.pdf XXXXX_GR_36.pdf XXXXX_GR_05-11-17 XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05-06.pdf XXXXX_GR_07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10-11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13_crx_1.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18-19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20-21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22.pdf XXXXX_GR_23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24.pdf XXXXX_GR_25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26.pdf XXXXX_GR_27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28-29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30-31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32.pdf XXXXX_GR_33.pdf XXXXX_GR_34.pdf XXXXX_GR_35.pdf XXXXX_GR_36.pdf cm XXXXX_GR_05-18-17 May 18 PDFs XXXXX_01.pdf XXXXX_02-03.pdf XXXXX_04.pdf XXXXX_05.pdf XXXXX_06.pdf XXXXX_07.pdf XXXXX_08-09.pdf XXXXX_10-11.pdf XXXXX_12-13.pdf XXXXX_14-15.pdf XXXXX_16-17.pdf XXXXX_18-19.pdf XXXXX_20-21.pdf XXXXX_22.pdf XXXXX_23.pdf XXXXX_23_CRX.pdf XXXXX_24.pdf XXXXX_25.pdf XXXXX_26.pdf XXXXX_27.pdf XXXXX_28-29.pdf XXXXX_30-31.pdf XXXXX_32.pdf XXXXX_33.pdf XXXXX_34.pdf XXXXX_35.pdf XXXXX_36.pdf XXXXX_GR_05-25-17 XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10-11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18-19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20-21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22-23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24.pdf XXXXX_GR_25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26.pdf XXXXX_GR_27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28-29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30-31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32-33.pdf XXXXX_GR_34-35.pdf XXXXX_GR_36.pdf XXXXX_GR_37.pdf XXXXX_GR_38.pdf XXXXX_GR_39.pdf XXXXX_GR_40.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-01-17 XXXXX_GR_01 copy.pdf XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10-11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18-19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20.pdf XXXXX_GR_21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22.pdf XXXXX_GR_23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24-25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26-27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28.pdf XXXXX_GR_29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30.pdf XXXXX_GR_31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-08-17 XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10-11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18.pdf XXXXX_GR_19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20.pdf XXXXX_GR_21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22-23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24.pdf XXXXX_GR_25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26-27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28.pdf XXXXX_GR_29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30.pdf XXXXX_GR_31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-15-17 XXXXX_GR_01.pdf XXXXX_GR_02-03.pdf XXXXX_GR_04.pdf XXXXX_GR_05.pdf XXXXX_GR_06-07.pdf XXXXX_GR_08-09.pdf XXXXX_GR_10-11.pdf XXXXX_GR_12-13.pdf XXXXX_GR_14-15.pdf XXXXX_GR_16-17.pdf XXXXX_GR_18-19.pdf XXXXX_GR_20-21.pdf XXXXX_GR_22.pdf XXXXX_GR_23.pdf XXXXX_GR_24.pdf XXXXX_GR_25.pdf XXXXX_GR_26.pdf XXXXX_GR_27.pdf XXXXX_GR_28-29.pdf XXXXX_GR_30-31.pdf XXXXX_GR_32.pdf XXXXX_GR_33.pdf XXXXX_GR_34.pdf XXXXX_GR_35.pdf XXXXX_GR_36.pdf 2018 LW-Weekly-2018-01-04.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-01-11.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-01-18.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-01-25.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-02-01.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-02-08.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-02-15.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-02-22.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-03-01.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-03-08.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-03-15.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-03-22.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-03-29.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-04-05.html LW-Weekly-2018-04-05.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-04-12.html LW-Weekly-2018-04-12.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-04-19.html LW-Weekly-2018-04-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-04-26.html LW-Weekly-2018-04-26.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-05-03.html LW-Weekly-2018-05-03.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-05-10.html LW-Weekly-2018-05-10.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-05-17.html LW-Weekly-2018-05-17.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-05-24.html LW-Weekly-2018-05-24.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-05-31.html LW-Weekly-2018-05-31.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-06-07.html LW-Weekly-2018-06-07.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-06-14.html LW-Weekly-2018-06-14.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-06-21.html LW-Weekly-2018-06-21.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-06-28.html LW-Weekly-2018-06-28.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-07-05.html LW-Weekly-2018-07-05.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-07-12.html LW-Weekly-2018-07-12.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-07-19.html LW-Weekly-2018-07-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-07-26.html LW-Weekly-2018-07-26.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-08-02.html LW-Weekly-2018-08-02.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-08-09.html LW-Weekly-2018-08-09.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-08-16.html LW-Weekly-2018-08-16.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-08-23.html LW-Weekly-2018-08-23.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-08-30.html LW-Weekly-2018-08-30.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-09-06.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-09-13.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-09-20.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-09-27.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-09-30.html LW-Weekly-2018-10-04.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-10-11.html LW-Weekly-2018-10-11.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-10-18.html LW-Weekly-2018-10-18.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-10-25.html LW-Weekly-2018-10-25.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-11-01.html LW-Weekly-2018-11-01.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-11-08.html LW-Weekly-2018-11-08.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-11-15.html LW-Weekly-2018-11-15.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-11-22.html LW-Weekly-2018-11-22.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-11-29.html LW-Weekly-2018-11-29.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-12-06.html LW-Weekly-2018-12-06.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-12-13.html LW-Weekly-2018-12-13.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-12-20.html LW-Weekly-2018-12-20.pdf LW-Weekly-2018-12-27.html LW-Weekly-2018-12-27.pdf 2019 LW-Weekly-2019-01-03.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-03.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-10.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-10.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-17.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-17.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-24-president-apology-for-advertising-slamming-mutual-boards.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-24.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-31.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-31.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-07.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-07.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-14.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-14.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-21.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-21.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-28.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-28.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-03-07.html LW-Weekly-2019-03-07.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-03-14.html LW-Weekly-2019-03-14.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-03-21.html LW-Weekly-2019-03-21.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-03-28.html LW-Weekly-2019-03-28.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-04-04.html LW-Weekly-2019-04-04.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-04-11.html LW-Weekly-2019-04-11.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-04-18.html LW-Weekly-2019-04-18.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-04-25-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-04-25-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-04-25.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-05-02-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-02-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-02.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-05-09-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-09-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-09.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-05-16-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-16-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-16.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-05-23-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-23-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-23.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-05-30-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-30-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-05-30.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-06-06-impaired.html LW-Weekly-2019-06-06-translate.html LW-Weekly-2019-06-06.pdf GRF Information Bulletins Binder Golden Rain Information Bulletins 1963-04-27 to 1963-12-27.pdf Golden Rain Information Bulletins 1964-01-03 to 1964-05-01.pdf Golden Rain Information Bulletins 1964-05-01 to 1964-12-31.pdf Golden Rain Information Bulletins 1965-01-08 to 1965-12-17.pdf Golden Rain Information Bulletins 1966-01-07 to 1966-12-16.pdf George Burleigh Oral History Project decease 1997-02-21.jpg George Burleigh Oral History Project decease 1997-02-21_001.jpg Globe being installed by Jacquie Clarke early 1970s.jpg Globe being installed by Jacquie Clarke early 1970s_001.jpg Golden Rain 1964-06-01 Notice of Annual Meeting includes FHA letter 1964-05-15.pdf Golden Rain Annoucement 1964-06-01 of contract made with National Golden Rain Fdc.pdf Golden Rain Board Minutes 1999-04-20 page 6 censoring Edmund Loritz.pdf Golden Rain Board of Directors GRF BOD Golden Rain Board Member lists 1980-06-11 thru 1995-02-21.pdf Golden Rain Board of Directors Lists 1980-06-11 thru 1995-02-21_017.jpg Golden Rain Board of Directors Lists 1980-06-11 thru 1995-02-21_024.jpg Golden Rain Board of Directors lists 1963-06-25 thru 1994-06-15.pdf Golden Rain Directors by election year 1980-01-01 through 1997-06-30.pdf Golden Rain Fdn BOD Final Report 1963 1964 dated 1964-06-01.pdf Golden Rain Fdn Special Meeting 1964-06-01 minutes.pdf Golden Rain Logo and Stationery Leisure World Post Card by GRF hand drawn of Clubhouse 1 scanned 2019-02-12.jpeg Leisure World Post Card by GRF hand drawn of front gate scanned 2019-02-12.jpeg Leisure World decal 8-and-a-half by 10 inches.jpg Leisure World decal 8-and-a-half by 10 inches_001.jpg Letter head for Golden Rain Fdn and the Mutuals.jpg Letter head for Golden Rain Fdn and the Mutuals_001.jpg Letter head for Golden Rain Fdn and the Mutuals_002.jpg Golden Rain Memos 1964-03-12 and 1964 undated.pdf Golden Rain Minues 1965-06-08 to 1966-06-14.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964 to 1980 and Annual Reports Golden Rain Board Open Minut.textClipping Golden Rain Board Open Minutes 1999-04-20 Censoring Edmund Loritz.pdf Golden Rain Corp Auditors Adjustments 1963-12-31.pdf Golden Rain Corp Depreciation Comm Facilities 1963-12-31.pdf Golden Rain Corp Post Closing Entries 1963-12-31 recv 1964-02-19.pdf Golden Rain Fdn 2 profit loss statements 1964-01-01 to 1964-05-30.pdf Golden Rain Fdn timeline 1961 to 1962 handwritten.pdf Golden Rain Financial Analysis 1963-11-30.pdf Golden Rain Medical Dept Proposed budget 1964.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-01-14 cuttings but not complete.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-02-11 clippings not complete.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-02-11 to 1964-06-01 no earlier minutes found.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-03-16 cuttings incomplete.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-06-09 to 1965-06- part 1.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-06-09 to 1965-06- part 2.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1964-06-09 to 1965-06- part 3.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1966-06-21 to 1967-05-16.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1967-06-01 to 1968-06-05.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1968-06-11 to 1969-05-20.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1969-06-10 to 1970-06-03.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1970-06-16 to 1971-05-18.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1971-07-20 to 1972-05-16.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1972-06-13 to 1973-05-17.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1973-06-12 to 1974-05-21.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1974-06-11 to 1975-05-20.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1975-06-10 to 1976-06-15.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1976-06-08 to 1977-06-14.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1977-06-21 to 1978-06-13.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1978-06-20 to 1979-05-15.pdf Golden Rain Minutes 1979-06-12 to 1980-05-20.pdf Golden Rain Profit and Loss 4 statements 1963-08-31 to 1964-01-31.pdf National Golden Rain Fdn Final Report 1963 1964 dated 1964-06-01.pdf National Golden Rain Fdn Semi-Final Report 1963 1964 dated 1964-05-07.pdf Golden Rain New Presidents column by Tom Barratt regarding FRANZ case 2005-10-13.pdf Golden Rain New Presidents column by Tom Barratt regarding FRANZ case 2005-10-20.pdf Golden Rain News 1964-1965 full page scans 1963-11-06_mock_up_scan_2018-11-16_12-08-57.gdoc 1963-11-06_mock_up_scan_2018-11-16_12-08-57.jpg 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-46-53 (1).gdoc 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-46-53.gdoc 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-46-53.jpg 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-47-49.gdoc 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-47-49.jpg 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-48-28.jpg 1963-11-13_scan_2018-11-16_12-49-07.jpg 1963-11-20_scan_2018-11-16_12-49-43.jpg 1963-11-20_scan_2018-11-16_12-50-24.jpg 1963-11-20_scan_2018-11-16_12-51-07.jpg 1963-11-20_scan_2018-11-16_12-51-50.jpg 1963-11-27_scan_2018-11-16_12-52-28.jpg 1963-11-27_scan_2018-11-16_12-53-06.jpg 1963-11-27_scan_2018-11-16_12-53-49.jpg 1963-11-27_scan_2018-11-16_12-55-58.jpg 1963-12-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-06-44.jpg 1963-12-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-07-22.jpg 1963-12-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-08-00.jpg 1963-12-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-08-38.jpg 1963-12-13_scan_2018-11-16_13-09-21.jpg 1963-12-13_scan_2018-11-16_13-10-02.jpg 1963-12-13_scan_2018-11-16_13-11-02.jpg 1963-12-13_scan_2018-11-16_13-11-45.jpg 1963-12-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-12-52.jpg 1963-12-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-13-30.jpg 1963-12-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-14-16.jpg 1963-12-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-14-54.jpg 1963-12-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-15-32.jpg 1963-12-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-16-09.jpg 1963-12-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-16-45.jpg 1963-12-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-17-25.jpg 1964-01-01_scan_2018-11-16_13-18-08.jpg 1964-01-01_scan_2018-11-16_13-18-53.jpg 1964-01-01_scan_2018-11-16_13-19-36.jpg 1964-01-01_scan_2018-11-16_13-20-24.jpg 1964-01-08_scan_2018-11-16_13-21-13.jpg 1964-01-08_scan_2018-11-16_13-22-06.jpg 1964-01-08_scan_2018-11-16_13-22-47.jpg 1964-01-08_scan_2018-11-16_13-23-32.jpg 1964-01-15_scan_2018-11-16_13-24-11.jpg 1964-01-15_scan_2018-11-16_13-24-51.jpg 1964-01-15_scan_2018-11-16_13-25-28.jpg 1964-01-15_scan_2018-11-16_13-26-12.jpg 1964-01-22_scan_2018-11-16_13-27-09.jpg 1964-01-22_scan_2018-11-16_13-27-54.jpg 1964-01-22_scan_2018-11-16_13-28-32.jpg 1964-01-22_scan_2018-11-16_13-29-10.jpg 1964-01-29_scan_2018-11-16_13-29-52.jpg 1964-01-29_scan_2018-11-16_13-30-30.jpg 1964-01-29_scan_2018-11-16_13-31-06.jpg 1964-01-29_scan_2018-11-16_13-31-46.jpg 1964-02-05_scan_2018-11-16_13-32-29.jpg 1964-02-05_scan_2018-11-16_13-33-07.jpg 1964-02-05_scan_2018-11-16_13-33-44.jpg 1964-02-05_scan_2018-11-16_13-34-21.jpg 1964-02-12_scan_2018-11-16_13-35-06.jpg 1964-02-12_scan_2018-11-16_13-35-47.jpg 1964-02-12_scan_2018-11-16_13-36-23.jpg 1964-02-12_scan_2018-11-16_13-37-06.jpg 1964-02-19_scan_2018-11-16_13-37-46.jpg 1964-02-19_scan_2018-11-16_13-38-28.jpg 1964-02-19_scan_2018-11-16_13-39-12.jpg 1964-02-19_scan_2018-11-16_13-39-57.jpg 1964-02-26_scan_2018-11-16_13-41-12.jpg 1964-02-26_scan_2018-11-16_13-41-52.jpg 1964-02-26_scan_2018-11-16_13-42-29.jpg 1964-02-26_scan_2018-11-16_13-43-13.jpg 1964-03-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-43-58.jpg 1964-03-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-44-40.jpg 1964-03-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-45-16.jpg 1964-03-04_scan_2018-11-16_13-45-56.jpg 1964-03-11_scan_2018-11-16_13-46-36.jpg 1964-03-11_scan_2018-11-16_13-47-19.jpg 1964-03-11_scan_2018-11-16_13-47-57.jpg 1964-03-11_scan_2018-11-16_13-48-36.jpg 1964-03-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-49-20.jpg 1964-03-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-50-03.jpg 1964-03-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-50-40.jpg 1964-03-18_scan_2018-11-16_13-51-23.jpg 1964-03-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-52-12.jpg 1964-03-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-52-56.jpg 1964-03-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-53-32.jpg 1964-03-25_scan_2018-11-16_13-54-09.jpg Mock up First Year First Issue 1963-11-06 scan_2018-11-13_11-12-42.tif Mock up First Year First Issue 1963-11-06 scan_2018-11-13_11-19-54.tif Golden Rain News 1967-11-30 WHY MOYER management company is here.pdf Golden Rain News 2006-12-07 Presidents Column regarding FRANZ case.pdf Golden Rain News Dissolution 1962-1970 from private owners to Golden Rain Foundation GR NEWS Change of Administrative Responsibility -1973.pdf GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_001.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_002.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_003.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_004.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_005.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_006.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_007.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_008.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_009.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_010.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_011.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_012.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_013.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_014.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_015.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_016.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_017.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_018.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_019.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_020.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_021.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_022.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_023.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_024.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_025.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_027.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_028.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_029.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_030.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_031.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_032.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_033.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_034.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_036.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_037.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_039.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_041.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_042.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_043.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_044.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_045.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_046.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_047.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_048.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_049.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_051.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_052.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_053.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_054.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_055.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_056.jpg GRF News Dissolution 1962-1970 Folder_057.jpg Golden Rain News Correspondence including contracts and sales in 1967 1968 and 1970.pdf Golden Rain News meetings 1970.pdf Leisure World News under LWF management 1962-1964.pdf Note on Golden Rain News 1960 folder 1.pdf Golden Rain News Miscellaneous Congressional Record commends Golden Rain News 1977-07-11.pdf Golden Rain News first edition 1963-11-13.pdf Golden Rain News various mastheads Ethel Anderson collection.jpg Golden Rain News various mastheads Ethel Anderson collection_001.jpg Golden Rain Operations adopted 1970 ammended 1973-08.pdf Golden Rain Organization chart no date .pdf Golden Rain Tabruns 1964-02-07.pdf Golden Rain annual meeting announcement 1964-06-01 with FHA issue addressed.pdf Golden Rain board of directors annual report 1963.pdf Golden Rain statement of cash funds 1965-06-08 by Don MacKenzie Treasurer.pdf Golden Rain versus Franz lawsuit case 04CC01285 Orange County Superior Court CASE 04CC01285 Golden Rain vs FRANZ Minute Order 2007-05-25.pdf CASE 04CC01285 date 2006-08-28 OPPOSITION AND REPLY OF GOLDEN RAIN FDN FRANZ case.pdf CASE NO 04CC01285 2005-10-11 OBJECTIONS OF PETITIONER GOLDEN RAIN FOUNDATION.pdf CASE NO 04CC01285 Judge Ronald L Bauer proposed Judgement 2005-10-14.pdf CASE NO 04CC0I285 Judge Ronald L Bauer 2005-10-11 Proposed Statement of Decision.pdf Case 04CC01285 FRANZ 2005-08-26 Notice of Deposition of James C Gilbert.pdf Case 04CC01285 FRANZ DECLARATION OF DAVID LYON 2005-08-02 with exhibits A to F.pdf Case 04CC01285 FRANZ deposition on 2005-08-15 of Thomas Edward Barratt with exhibits.pdf Case 04CC01285 FRANZ filed 2005-07-28 declaration of Thomas E Barratt.pdf Case 04CC01285 Golden Rain vs FRANZ 2004-11-15 first amended cross-complaint by David Lyon.pdf Case 04CC01285 Golden Rain vs FRANZ 2005-09-28 notice to appear at trail.pdf Case 04CC01285 Motion to re-open trial by David Lyon filed 2006-07-24.pdf Civil Public Web Print Payment Acceptance 2.pdf Civil Public Web Print Payment Acceptance for costs memoradum 2010-07-22.pdf Civil Public Web Print Payment Acceptance.pdf Concerened Shareholders Flyer on Golden Rain vs FRANZ 2007-06-20.pdf DOCKET Golden Rain Fdn versus Carol Franz case no 04CC01285 filed 2004-08-16.pdf David Lyon article on the FRANZ lawsuit and GRFs behavior possible date 1998-07-00.pdf David R Lyon notice of Small Claims filing 2004-09-13 later joined with Golden Rain vs FRANZ.pdf David R Lyon to Golden Rain 2004-09-17 regarding Golden Rain vs FRANZ case.pdf GOLDEN RAIN FOUNDATION vs FRANZ 2008-06-10 FindLaw.pdf GOLDEN RAIN VERSUS FRANZ WITNESS STATEMENTS CASE 04CC01285 ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOUR COURT 2005-10-11 High Resolution.pdf Golden Rain versus Carol Franz Appellate Judgement 2008-06-10 from court.pdf Golden Rain versus Carol Franz REMITTITUR 2010-07-22.pdf Golden Rain versus FRANZ case 04CC01285 date 2005-10-11.docx Golden Rain versus FRANZ case 04CC01285 date 2005-10-11.pdf Golden Rain vs FRANZ Transcript 2008-12-19 Case 04CC01285.pdf Golden Rain vs FRANZ case 04CC01285 appeal case G038758 file 2008-06-10 confirms lower court decision.pdf Golden-Rain-v-Franz Appellate Judgement 2008-06-10.pdf LA-times-article-on-GRF-lawsuit-2004-08-14.doc Letter from Richard Fiore to Dept of Justice regarding Mutual Two FRANZ case 2005-09-13.pdf Managment Agreemnent 4 way no date mailed to GRF president Mildred Tuttle 1997-09-03.pdf NSBN independent audit of costs of Golden Rain vs FRANZ lawsuit 2008-09-24.pdf O C Register article about FRANZ trial 2008-06-20 reported Melanie HIcken.pdf Orange County Register 2008-06-17 summary of court case win.pdf Orange County Register 2008-06-21 article on ruling on GRF vs FRANZ.pdf Orange County Register LORITZ and FRANZ found love fighting Golden Rain NO DATE.pdf Presidents Column 2008-06-11 regarding FRANZ case by Tom Barratt.pdf Press Telegrapm articles about LW board 2004-08-20 Editorial.pdf SUPERIOR COURT case FRANZ number 04CC01285 minute order 2006-02-08.pdf Settlement Agreement between Golden Rain and two people in FRANZ case 2005-02-09.pdf Steven Price attorney for FRANZ letter to Golden Rain 2004-09-02.pdf Sun Newspaper 2007-05-31 Leisure World appealing Superior Court decision.pdf WethePeopleofLeisureWorld blog post with bullet points on the FRANZ trial 2008-08-22.pdf memorandum of costs on appeal Golden Rain 2007.pdf memorandum of costs on appeal Golden Rain 2010-07-22.pdf Golden Rain versus Leisure World Foundation 1965 Golden Rain Fdn versus Leisure World Fdn Case No 138760 1965-08-19 lawsuit.pdf Gordon Lundgren GRF President Clippings Gordon Lundgren 1989 to 1995.pdf GRF News Obituary for Gordon Lundgren 2003-12-18.pdf Golden Rain Board of Directors June 1987 to May 1988.jpg Golden Rain Board of Directors June 1987 to May 1988_001.jpg Gordon Lundgren memorial service materials 2003-12-13.pdf Sales Flyer with unit layout 1990-05-01.pdf Grace O-Loughlin Mutual 4 unit 39A original customization form for unit 1962-07-01.pdf H Dean Campbell GRF Resume no date.pdf Handwritten notes by Tom Barratt of Case 04CC01285 with timeline and smaller cases that merger.pdf Helen Marshall 1997 photo by Ken Torrey Oral History.jpg Helen Marshall 1997 photo by Ken Torrey Oral History_001.jpg Hi-Lites Historical Society Newsletter Hi-Lites historical society .textClipping Hi-Lites historical society quarterly full run 1999-2013.pdf Highlights of My Life and the Korean War Story Luki Ik Chnag Kim MD.pdf Highway to Heaven episode Love at Second Site SCRIPT filmed at Leisure World HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN Script Cover autographed by the Cast 1986-09-18.jpg Highway to Heaven Photographs 1986-09-18 at Leisure World.jpg Highway to Heaven Photographs 1986-09-18 at Leisure World_001.jpg Highway to Heaven Photographs 1986-09-18 at Leisure World_002.jpg Highway to Heaven Photographs 1986-09-18 at Leisure World_003.jpg Highway-To-Heaven-Script-Final-Draft-Love-At-Second-Sight-HTH-78-1986-08-12.pdf Highway-to-Heaven-Manuscript-Cover-Love-at-Second-Site.jpg Highway-to-Heaven-Manuscript-Love-at-Second-Site-p6.jpg Highway-to-Heaven-Manuscript-Love-at-Second-Site-p6A.jpg Michael Landon Filiming 1986-09-24 Golden Rain News.pdf Michael Landon and Fred Cooper at Leisure World 1986-09-16.jpg Michael Landon and Fred Cooper at Leisure World 1986-09-16_001.jpg Michael Landon articles and letter to Fred Cooper with schedule 1986-09-02.pdf Historical Corporate Paperwork Federal and California Historical Society letter to CA Franchise Tax Board reapplying for 501c3 status 1994-12-30.pdf SI 100 forms CA Franchise Tax board for 1996 to 1999.pdf TONY MILLER CA franchise tax board 1994-04-29 approval letter for exempt status.pdf Historical Inventory Historical Society Inventory for Docent Orientation 2004.pdf Leisure World Historical SocietySeal Beach document inventory 1996-01-22 by Thea Neil.pdf Leisure World Historical SocietySeal Beach document inventory 1996-01-22 by Thea Neil.xlsx Leisure World Historical SocietySeal Beach.pdf Leisure World Historical SocietySeal Beach.xlsx Seal Beach Leisure World Authors 1993 perhaps.pdf Seal Beach Leisure World Authors 1993 perhaps.xls Historical Minutes and Agendas 2002-11 misc documents and 2002 annual report historical society.pdf 30 year Resident Program 1994-10-24 with cards used to compile list.pdf Agenda 2001-05-28 Historical Society.pdf Agenda for 2001-04-23 meeting Historical Society.pdf Historical Society Annual Report for 2000 presented at March 2003 meeting.pdf Meeting 2002-10-30 planning notes historical society.pdf Minutes 1992 to 1998 LW Historical Society.pdf Minutes 1999 to 2005 LW Historical Society.pdf Minutes 2002-04-22 Historical Society.pdf Minutes 2006 to 2012 LW Historical Society.pdf Minutes 2013 LW Historical Society.pdf Minutes for 2002-04 and 2002-05 and 2002-06 historical society.pdf Historical Society Room in Clubhouse 1 1996-10-30 open house.jpg Holy Family Catholic Church History paper and photographs.pdf Impaired Vision Club Minutes 1972-06-13 to 1976-07-13.pdf Introduction to Cooperative Housing by Lewis Letson President National Golden Rain Fdn.pdf Jacuzzi filled with bubbles No Date No Notes.jpg Jim Gilbert former GRF controller article about the Golden Rain vs FRANZ case with attachments 1998-08-00 to Mutual 14 board.pdf KIWANIS CLUB OF SEAL BEACH Leisure World 15th Anniversay 1979-06-22.pdf Ken Walker Oral History Project photo 1997 by Ken Torrey.jpg Ken Walker Oral History Project photo 1997 by Ken Torrey_001.jpg LA TIME ARTICLES ON FLOOD 1995-01-06 part 2.pdf LA TIME ARTICLES ON FLOOD 1995-01-06.pdf LA TIMES 1962-04-08 SECOND UNIT SOLD OUT AT SENIORS PROJECT.pdf LW Weekly Newspaper formerly Golden Rain News LW-Weekly-2019-01-03-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-03.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-10-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-10.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-17-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-17.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-24.html LW-Weekly-2019-01-24.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-31-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-01-31.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-07-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-14-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-14.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-21-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-21.html LW-Weekly-2019-02-28-19.pdf LW-Weekly-2019-02-28.html LW-weekly-2019-02-07.html LWHS-archives-list-card-file-scan-source-files LWHS-B1-20181123.pdf LWHS-B2-20181123.pdf LWHS-C1-20181123.pdf LWHS-C2-20181123.pdf LWHS-C3-20181123.pdf LWHS-C4-20181123.pdf LWHS-D1-20181123.pdf LWHS-E1-20181123.pdf LWHS-F1-20181123.pdf LWHS-G1-20181123.pdf LWHS-H1-20181123.pdf LWHS-H2-20181123.pdf LWHS-I1-20181123.pdf LWHS-J1-20181123.pdf LWHS-K1-20181123.pdf LWHS-L1-20181123.pdf LWHS-L2-20181123.pdf LWHS-M1-20181123.pdf LWHS-M2-20181123.pdf LWHS-N1-20181123.pdf LWHS-N2-20181123.pdf LWHS-O1-20181123.pdf LWHS-P1-20181123.pdf LWHS-P2-20181123.pdf LWHS-P3-20181123.pdf LWHS-P4-20181123_001.pdf LWHS-R1-20181123.pdf LWHS-R2-20181123.pdf LWHS-R3-20181123.pdf LWHS-S1-20181123.pdf LWHS-S2-20181123.pdf LWHS-S3-20181123.pdf LWHS-T1-20181123.pdf LWHS-T2-20181123.pdf LWHS-UV1-20181123.pdf LWHS-WXYZ1-20181123.pdf LWHS-Z1-layout for card catalog cards.pdf LWHS-archives-list-card-file-20181123 copy.pdf LWHS-archives-list-card-file-20181123.pdf Laguna Woods Globe 2006-05-09 article on FRANZ case quoting attorney Stephen Rice.pdf Laguna Woods Globe article on GRF appealing the lower court decision 2007-01-25.pdf Land Deeds for Leisure World property Land Deeds for Leisure World 1963 to 1968.pdf Land Transfers with Summary Sheet date 2008.pdf Lawn BOWLING CLUB Membership and Handbook started 1972-01-00 disbanded 2001-12-21.pdf Leisure World 25th Anniversary Program 1987-07-00.pdf Leisure World Logo decal sticker Large size.jpg Leisure World News 1962-08 July-August issue why Credit Reports are required.pdf Leisure World Poems and Songs Leisure World Poem by Henry B Lawton Mutal 1-08G last surviving first resident in Mutual 1.pdf Leisure World poem by Otto Ross.pdf Our Home Leisure World poem by Peggy Planez 2004 first resident.pdf Leisure World Residents letters phamplet 1962-11-05 Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 00.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 01.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 02.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 03.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 04.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 05.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 06.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 07.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 08.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 09.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 10.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 11.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 12.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 13.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 14.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 15.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 16.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 17.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 18.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 19.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 20.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 21.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05 page 22.jpg Leisure World Residents phamplet 1962-11-05.pdf Leisure World logo decal sticker gold lettering.jpg Leisure World logo decal sticker gold lettering_001.jpg Leisure World logo decal sticker golden lettering.jpg Leisure World logo decal sticker golden lettering_001.jpg Leisure World logo decal sticker large size 8-and-half by 10 inches.jpg Leisure World song and correspondence to Disney to use Small World tune 1981-01-09 by Walter Frish.pdf Leisure world fdn 1965-02-01 budget issues and history of managment company.gdoc Leisure world fdn 1965-02-05 budget issues and history of managment company.pdf Letter Committee for Reform regarding 1964 budget issues.pdf Letter Senior Citizens Protective to Golden Rain 1964-02-10.pdf Letter from DICK KAY to EDNA.pdf List of Photos needed for Oral History Project.pdf Management Agreements Four way Management agreement with attachments 1961-12-01.pdf Four way agreement 1963-05-10 between GRF and Mutual 09 and United Bank and FHA.pdf GOLDEN RAIN discussion with J L Moyer on property management issues 1966-11-15.pdf Golden Rain Fdn and Rossmore Leisure World Management Agreement 1961-12-01 Signed.pdf Golden Rain Minutes Excerpts 1964-1966 regarding management contract.pdf Golden Rain President speech 1964-06 re National Golden agreement.pdf Management AGREEMENT 3 way 196 Golden Rain and Mutual and Allan Oakley Hunter legal services.pdf Management AGreement FHA and Mutual One and United Bank unsigned approx 1963-64.pdf Management Agree Golden Rain and NATIONAL Golden Rain debating contract points 1964-06-00.pdf Management Agreement 1963-09-01 between Mutual Eleven and GRF.pdf Management Agreement 1964-06-01 between Golden Rain Fdn and NATIONAL Golden Rain Fdn UNSIGNED.pdf Management Agreement 1964-06-01 unsigned.pdf Management Agreement 4 way signed 1962-10-01 with Exhibit A National Golden Rain fdn.pdf Management Agreement Mutual Seven and Golden Rain 1963-01-30 possibly NATIONAL GRF.pdf Management Agreement dated 1964-06-01 unsigned.pdf Management Agreement signed 1961-12-01 with addendum signed 1963-01-30.pdf Service Agreement between Mu.textClipping Maps Maps for Sales Reps 1963.pdf Maurice OHare President GRF Golden Rain Assessed Valuations 1980-08-04 Finance Committee.pdf List of Consolidation questions for William Williamson attorney 1980-05-07.pdf Mutual Consolidation Report by Committee 1980 possibly May.pdf President OHare to leave office GRF news 1981-03-19.pdf Report to Presidents Council 1980 possibly April by Committee on Consolidation Movement.pdf Survey of Mutuals New Replacement Cost 1980-04-04 from Tait Appraisal 1978-1979.pdf Survey of Mutuals by Tait Appraisal 1980-04-04 NEW REPLACEMENT COST.pdf Memo from Golden Rain inviting shareholders to Case hearing and location information 2007-02-22.pdf Memo from J O DAVIS to FRED COOPER with Information for the Blue Book 1977-05-05.pdf Memo to Golden Rain Exec Committee with cost and blueprint of Main Gate Remodeling 1973-05-04.pdf Memo to MUTUAL PRESIDENTS date 2006-12-05 from THOMAS E BARRATT GRF PRESIDENT.pdf Michael Landon Production shooting schedule 1986-09-02 to Fred Cooper.pdf Mutual Nine Meeting minutes 1964-06-08 to 1964-06-17.pdf Mutual Nine Minutes 1964-01-08 to 1964-05-20.pdf Mutual Nine Profit Loss 1964-01-01 to 1964-04-30.pdf Mutual Nine Special Meeting notice 1964-06-05 regarding National Golden Rain management contract.pdf New Residents move in materials Bylaws of Seal Beach Mutual Fifteen one page articles IV and V.pdf Information Letter 1963-04-19 notifying resident apartment is ready for occupancy.pdf Move in letter 1962 with instructions to new residents from Gerry Rathburn Sales Counselor.pdf Mutual Two 02 White book for new owners including Occupancy agreement and FHA information 1962-10-03.pdf News-Enterprise 2006-09-08 Article on FRANZ case.pdf News-Enterprise Final Dedsion Delayed In Ongoing Leisure World 2006-01-18.pdf Newspaper Article 1962 source unknow CONTRACTS AWARDED FOR 3 SENIOR CITIZEN BUILDINGS.pdf Newspaper article source unknown CO-OPERATIVE APARTMEN PROGRESS TOLD.pdf Newspaper clippings 1963-1965 Ethel Anderson file.pdf O C Register ARTICLE ON FLOOD 1995-01-05.pdf O C Register Article about ruling 2007-01-00.pdf O C Register article 2005-12-05 Leisure World must open its records.pdf OBJECTIONS OF PETITIONER GOLDEN RAIN FDN files 2007-02-02 case 04CC01285 Golden Rain versus FRANZ lawsuit appeal.pdf One bedroom apartment card with facts side 1.jpg One bedroom apartment card with facts side 2.jpg Oral History Project Audio Anna Schaefer 1998-05-11.mp3 Betty McMechen 1993-06-03.mp3 Bill Williams.mp3 Doris Sevilla 1995-08-17.mp3 Ethel Anderson Tape 2 dates 1993-10-23 and 1993-10-27.mp3 Ethel Andrson Tape 1 1993-07-31 interviewed by Claire Walker.mp3 Ethel-Anderson-possibly-1993-Tape-03-two-sides 170kbps.mp3 Ethel-Anderson-possibly-1993-Tape-03-two-sides.mp3 Ethel-Anderson-possibly-1993-Tape-04-two-sides 170kbps.mp3 Ethel-Anderson-possibly-1993-Tape-04-two-sides.mp3 Ethel-Anderson-possibly-1993-Tape-05-side-A.mp3 Ethel-Anderson-possibly-1993-Tape-05-side-B.mp3 Gard Sellers 1994-02-23.mp3 George Burleigh 1994-05-04.mp3 Gordon and Lucile Gregson 1993-06-18.mp3 Helen Marshall 1996-04-17 13251 st andrews 35L.mp3 Historical Society 30 year resident program 1994-11-16 2PM Bill Williams speaker good history.mp3 Historical Society Business Minutes 2004-04-28.mp3 Historical Society Meeting 1996-03-25 Highway to Heaven in LW.mp3 Historical Society Meeting 2004-01-28 guest speaker ANN Healthcare Administrator.mp3 Historical Society Meeting 2004-02-25 many audio problems.mp3 Historical Society Minutes 2004-03-24 170kbps.mp3 Historical Society Minutes 2004-03-24.mp3 James and Virginia Edwards1994-05-13.mp3 Mabel Gaffeny 1994-03-04 101-years-old.mp3 Maryhelen Whitlock 1998-02-09 age-101-years-old.mp3 Merva-Lanning-1993-08-27-Seal-Beach-Planning-commission.mp3 Peggy Planenz 1993-05-03 worked for Cortese before LW was built.mp3 Remembering Ethel Anderson.mp3 Reverend Robert Graham 1994-02-17.mp3 Rose Nicholas 1998-04-02 she is 99-years-old.mp3 Victor Ruwe 1993-06-18.mp3 William and Mary Moberle 14221 El Dorado 63C on NO DATE.mp3 histocial meeting 1995-10-20 many first residents speak.mp3 Oral History Project Docs and Photos Bill Williams Tape Failed 1995-04-17 no recording.doc Completed Oral Histories folder says as of 1998-03-17.pdf Doris Sevilla Oral History Photograph.jpg Ethel Anderson Oral History Photograph.jpg George Burleigh Oral History Photograph.jpg Helen Marshall Oral History Photograph.jpg Isabella Arend Oral History Photograph.jpg Ken Walker Oral History Photograph.jpg Lucille and Gordon Gregson (2nd from right in dark clothes) Oral History Photograph.jpg Oral History Transcription of Merva Lenning by Ken Walker 1993-08-27 .pdf Oral-History-Details-from-cassettes.doc Peggy Planenz 1997 Oral History Photograph.jpg Robert (Bob) Graham Oral History Photograph.jpg Video Producer Notes on Oral History Project 2009-05-07.pdf William and Mary Moberley Oral History Photograph.jpg Orange County Register 2007-04-17 article on GRF versus FRANZ.pdf Peggy Planez Oral History Subject.jpg Photographs Aerial 1962-1963 Leisure World without trees.jpg Aerial 1962-1963 Leisure World without trees_001.jpg Aerial 1962-1963 Leisure World without trees_002.jpg Aerial 1962-1963 Leisure World without trees_003.jpg Aerial photo faded date 1967-12-20.jpg Astronomy club.jpg Astronomy club_001.jpg Black and white photo of the front gate dated 1997-06-00 in Ethel Anderson collection.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_001.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_002.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_003.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_004.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_005.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_006.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_007.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_008.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_009.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_010.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_011.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_012.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_013.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_014.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_015.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_016.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_017.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_018.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_019.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_020.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_021.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_022.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_023.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_024.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_025.jpg Black white photos no date various subjects_026.jpg Color photo aerial view NO DATE.jpg Front gate and Globe after restoriation 2016.jpg Front gate and Globe after restoriation 2016_001.jpg Globe and front grate NO DATE.jpg Globe and front grate NO DATE_001.jpg Globe at Night.jpg Globe by Eveyln Crawford.jpg Globe early pictures 1967 with original southwestern landscape seen from Guard Shack.jpg Globe early pictures 1967 with original southwestern landscape seen from Guard Shack_001.jpg Health care center no date.jpg Leisure World Aerial without trees circa 1965.jpg Leisure World Aerial without trees circa 1965_001.jpg Leisure World Aerial without trees circa 1965_002.jpg Leisure World postcard mailed 1978.jpg Leisure World postcard mailed 1978_001.jpg Old photos no dates.jpg Old photos no dates_001.jpg Old photos no dates_002.jpg Old photos no dates_003.jpg Old photos no dates_004.jpg Old photos no dates_005.jpg Old photos no dates_006.jpg Old photos no dates_007.jpg Old photos no dates_008.jpg Old photos no dates_009.jpg Old photos no dates_010.jpg Old photos no dates_011.jpg Old photos no dates_012.jpg Photograph taken from plane landing in 1990.jpg Photograph taken from plane landing in 1990_001.jpg Ross W. 10. Transportation of Artwork. Packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of the artworks: 11. Commission. Certain kinds of sales may – or may not – be covered by a gallerys contract. For instance, a gallery representing an artist who lives in the same city may want to receive a percentage from all commissions the artist receives, or a percentage from all studio sales. Thus, studio sales, commissions, or exhibitions within the geographic territory that the gallery wants to include in the contract should be discussed between the gallery and the artist. The Professional Guidelines Committee recommends that artists should not sell their work at studio sales below the retail price established at their galleries (here). Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Engage by written agreement. Search for clues, synonyms, words, anagrams or if you already have some letters enter the letters here using a question mark or full-stop in place of any you don’t know (e.g. “cros…rd” or “he?p”) Below is the. Continue reading. In such case, the Tenant becomes a Sublandlord as he becomes a lessor and lessee at the same time. Its the rental lease agreement that we use with our Rent Now landlords. GAMES; BROWSE THESAURUS; WORD OF THE DAY; WORDS AT Puzzle Page Crossword May 15 2020 Answers. Submitted August 17, Answers . Therefore, the thesis director and the doctoral student respectively have rights and duties with regard to high achievement levels. 1 A letter for employers ending a furlough agreement with employees so they can return to work. Hi Tracey, thanks for your comment. Decree absolute would not usually impact on your ability to make a claim for maintenance, but it can have an impact on your ability to make claims against certain capital assets. It can also leave you vulnerable if your husband were to pass away before a financial settlement had been reached and made legally binding by the court. You should take advice on your particular circumstances from a specialist family lawyer. It is not uncommon in fact it is quite normal for the petitioner to tick that box, and it simply means that he expects to make the appropriate application for a financial settlement in due course agreement. Maersk ceo Soren Skou said: I am very pleased with our agreement with MSC. We share the same ambition to have as efficient and effective operations as possible. We will continue to provide our customers with competitive and reliable container shipping in the East-West trades at attractive prices. You can read more about the vessel agents and their role in the shipping alliances right here We are very proud to team up with the two largest players in the industry and to expand our cooperation with the 2M Alliance. The new strategic agreement means faster and more efficient service with better geographic coverage and extended direct port calls for the benefit of our customers, in line with our vision to provide best-in-class service. Going on how to have most memorandum of agreement between school curricula are offer its employees and conditions applied science. Vendors installing computer networks in any of agreements with all the agreement between school and hospital, referral and cadets. Rolling before the site, this section makes everybody in a model of agreement between school hospital will be made in contracts hammer home the defined exchange. Supported as for free memorandum agreement between school and hospital agrees. Prevents future upon the updated terms and should be representatives who do this memorandum of between school hospital will maintain documentation of people say they may be. Instrument is appropriate to the memorandum of between school and hospital, create a provider. Society for their property when people have most memorandum of agreement between school curricula are subject of most mous. In reply to this objection, however, it can be stressed, first, that a great deal of commonsense everyday knowledge, and also a great deal of knowledge in the more empirical sciences, is of causal relations of this sort, partly of singular causal sequences and partly of laws, especially of the incomplete or gappy form at which these methods characteristically arrive. Since this reasoning eliminates candidates solely on the ground that they are not necessary, there is another variant (1.11) that assumes only that there is some necessary condition for P in F identical with one of the possible causes, and (with the same observation) concludes that A is a necessary condition for P in F (agreement).

B. License. By posting or uploading User Content with the Site, You hereby grant, and You represent and warrant that You have the right to grant, to Company an irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free and fully paid, worldwide license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and perform, prepare derivative works of, incorporate into other works, and otherwise use Your User Content, and to grant sublicenses of the foregoing. You agree to irrevocably waive (and cause to be waived) any claims and assertions of moral rights or attribution with respect to User Content. 1.10 Software License means a license granted by Cloudian to Licensee under Section 2.1 in connection with a license key provided by Cloudian to Licensee agreement. You should make sure you clean the property and leave it in the same condition as when you moved in. You need to do this so you get your deposit back at the end of your tenancy. Find out more about getting your deposit back. To be fully enforceable in law, break clauses need careful drafting with a high degree of legal expertise these agreements should be drafted by a solicitor or barrister, or obtained from a known reliable published source. But ultimately, every clause in a tenancy agreement needs to be deemed as fair Hopefully by now you have seen the agreement and can see whether there is indeed a break clause. Some couples intended to have a prenuptial agreement but just didnt have the time to complete it. They wanted to address legal and financial issues in the event of divorce or death. They finalize their intentions what will be done with investments, 401k plans, stocks, the family house, pets, etc. with a postnup. California postnuptial agreement requirements are pretty simple. Postnuptial agreements differ in that these agreements are created after the marriage has already occurred, usually years later. Unlike prenuptial agreements that are considered valid once completed, the postnuptial agreement is not considered a valid agreement until filed with the family court and accepted by a judge more. A deed of trust should always include references to the trust-maker, the trustee, the beneficiaries, and the property to be transferred along with all the terms of the trust. Trust arrangements can often be very complex. In these cases it is advisable for all parties to seek legal advice. In the event that Grantor becomes incapacitated, the named Trustee shall take over and succeed the Grantor in full capacity and faithfully perform his obligations as stated in this agreement to the benefit of the Beneficiaries (example of a trust agreement). Other health services orientation will occur on the first day of placement. Note: You need to be aware that placement dates starting on a Monday public holiday will not commence until Tuesday of that week, unless otherwise agreed to by the placement coordinator. Your placement could be delayed until the requirements are met; speak to your education provider if unsure. Medical, dental, oral health, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology students are required to complete the National Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI) online training modules (external link) before commencing clinical placement (agreement). A lease is also commonly called a lease agreement, a rental agreement, a rental contract, a lease form, a rental lease agreement, an apartment lease, a tenancy agreement, and a house rental agreement. Both a standard residential lease and a room rental agreement allow you to establish quiet hours, times guests can visit, how to divide utility payments, and set rules regarding pets, smoking, and parking. After youve created the lease contract and gone over everything with your new tenant, both parties sign the agreement. You may need to calculate prorated rent depending on when the tenant moves in. You can further support your original lease agreement by modifying the terms with a lease amendment. Additionally, you can end an existing lease with a lease termination letter, or extend a rental for another term with a lease renewal (view). Sometimes a compromise is reached where a portion of the consulting services are paid for in cash and the remainder is paid for by equity participation. Alternatively, you could be offered a position on their Board of Directors, Advisory Board or come on as a Co-Founder (with founders shares) in exchange for your consulting services. Typically a Consulting Engagement Letter is less formal and less comprehensive than a Consulting Agreement. It can be initiated by either the client or the consultant and be agreed by email. Is is normally a short letter for discussion before an agreement or terms are presented and should include confidentiality provisions. A consultants agreement formally establishes the relationship between you and your client consulting agreement australia. With implementation, FATCA was estimated by the United States Congress Joint Committee on Taxation to produce approximately $8.7 billion in additional tax revenue over 11 years (average $792 million a year).[59] A later analysis from Texas A&M includes an estimate that revenues would be less than US$250 million per year (US$2.5 billion total).[37] (Jane Gravelle, a specialist in economic policy at the Congressional Research Service, has asserted that this figure is small relative to her estimate of $40 billion per year as the cost of international tax evasion.)[60]:36 “The actual annual tax revenue generated since 2009 from offshore voluntary disclosure initiatives and from prosecutions of individuals tax evasion is running significantly lower than the JCTs estimated annual average, at less than $400 million, and will probably result in less than that over the decade 2010 to 2020.”[37] “The IRS has claimed that over ten billion dollars in additional tax revenues will be recovered from offshore accounts over the next decade list of fatca intergovernmental agreements. The FSB now requires 30 days notice of any agreement thats not an intermediary agreement. Binder holders are required to amend their systems so that insurers have access to up-to-date, accurate and complete information at any time. So now instead of binder holders pushing data, Up until the new legislation came into effect on 1 January 2018, you only had to report material binder agreements or cancellations to the FSB. You didnt have to report every single binder, which meant a lot of people got away with a lot of things. This has all changed. Termination of the binder agreement by the short-term insurer is also commonly accompanied by a unilateral cancellation of the book of policies administered by the binder holder (

In the process of negotiation and contract drafting, you and the other party may make any oral or written statements. Some of these statements make it into the final agreement. Others dont. The integration provision verifies that the version you are signing is the final version and that neither of you can rely on statements made in the past. This is it! Without an integration provision, its possible that either party could claim rights based upon promises made before the deal was signed. 9. Non-compete; Protection of Companys business here. Details on future agreements will be published on this page. The government (along with France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) and with the support of the European Commission took part in joint discussions with the US government to explore an intergovernmental approach to The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), supporting the overall aim to combat tax evasion, while reducing risks and burdens on financial institutions. A model intergovernmental agreement (IGA) was developed and published in July 2012.The UK and the US signed an IGA – the UK-US agreement to Improve International Tax Compliance and to Implement FATCA – in September 2012 (see the Current documents section below). In Scotland, in most cases your landlord must provide a written tenancy agreement. In particular, your landlord must provide a written tenancy agreement if you’re a public sector accommodation tenant, or if you’re an assured or short assured tenant of a private landlord. A tenancy agreement can be used both for a flat or a house. It is the most common type of agreement in England and Wales and gives the tenant the exclusive right to use and occupy a house or flat for a certain period of time. These tenancy agreements should not be used for properties outside of England and Wales. If you require a tenancy agreement for Scotland, Ask a lawyer. A Tenancy agreement is designed to protect both parties’ interests while ensuring that the property is maintained and cared for.